You can help shift the flow of money in American politics. Often, candidates for local office have campaigns financed by a local party committee or just a few donors, setting a pattern toward future campaigns beholden to big money interests. When you donate to Trailblazers PAC, you know the candidates you’re supporting must work hard to raise small dollar donations in their communities in order to earn Trailblazers PAC’s matching support.

Trailblazers PAC revolutionizes politics by challenging leaders of any party to act better than our broken money in politics system. Across the country, we build communities that demand and expect honest government. Trailblazers give voters the power to take back their rightful role in our democratic republic, by moving politics out of the back room, onto the front porch.

We are nonpartisan, working with candidates of any political persuasion. We mentor and fund candidates only at the hyper-local level, who are running for county or municipal-level office.

In a nutshell, we worked with 260 candidates across the two states of New York and Pennsylvania in 2017 and 2018. We endorsed and funded 40. We are proud of all 260, even if they didn’t choose to follow every clean government standard we ask for endorsement. With that 2-year cohort under our belt, we have now expanded to accept applications from hyper-local candidates anywhere in the country.

Join us. We’re supporting a new generation of local officeholders and active citizens committed to honest government.

Our candidates are moving politics out of the backroom, onto the front porch.

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