Press Releases

Leslie Danks Burke at a fundraiser for Trailblazers PAC
Trailblazers PAC Draws Crowd Ready for Local Action in 2017
With grassroots energy rising, Trailblazers PAC finding success and support in offering a new way for voters to engage locally.
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Trailblazers PAC Continues Fundraising Effort
Political action committee launched by community advocate and recent New York State Senate candidate Leslie Danks Burke to raise funds
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Trailblazers PAC Earns National Attention
It’s a beautiful day here in the Horseheads office of Trailblazers PAC. We’ve just been highlighted in a national news
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Leslie Danks Burke Launches Trailblazers PAC
In the face of the 2016 election cycle where populist voters on the left and the right demanded change to
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