(Horseheads, NY) Trailblazers PAC announces that after 5 years and nearly 300 candidates mentored in 19 states, directly impacting more than two million voters, the organization will pause its activity to allow work to continue through the efforts of the numerous Trailblazers who now serve in local communities across the country. 

“I am deeply proud of the work by our small all-volunteer Executive Board and our Executive Director. Far beyond calling out the political dark money that divorces voters from democracy, Trailblazers PAC has fostered concrete achievement by candidates who aren’t waiting for laws to change, but take real action at a higher standard right now,” said Leslie Danks Burke, founder and president of Trailblazers PAC.

Trailblazers PAC has been highly unusual among political organizations for 3 reasons. It is non-partisan, exclusively local (no federal or state races), and it exceeds financial disclosure standards while demanding that the candidates it works with also choose to do the same. 

“We are humbled by and grateful for the support of so many through the years. Thousands of volunteers and supporters have helped our Trailblazers bring forth real hope, in one concrete proof after another, that leadership is a noble calling, where honest, voter-centric behavior is possible even if laws don’t require it,” Danks Burke continued. 

Trailblazers PAC’s on-the-ground action for 5 years has demonstrated results. The Trailblazers who chose to follow higher standards ended up as more powerful candidates, with over 65% winning their races. Even those Trailblazers who lost, or candidates in the mentorship program who did not achieve endorsement, have actively built communities of voters who now know they can demand and expect honest government. 

“Trailblazers PAC was founded on the belief that government works best when the people, not monied interests, decide elections,” Danks Burke said. “We are confident our work will be a beacon of light and hope for the future, and we’re proud to put this legacy into place.”

The Trailblazers PAC Executive Board members are:

Leslie Danks Burke, President

Patrick Tepesch, Treasurer

Linda Hoffmann

Lindsey Johnson

Anthony Pucci

Jane Quattrocchi

Lesli Sagan