(HORSEHEADS, NY) – Trailblazers PAC, the national, nonpartisan organization supporting candidates for county or municipal level office who stand for honest government, announces that the actions of a previously endorsed candidate do not meet the organization’s standard. Trailblazers PAC is removing its support for Sheriff Scott Nichols of Franklin County, Maine.

Sheriff Nichols was elected November 3, 2020 and received Trailblazers PAC’s endorsement in that race for his choice to follow a higher standard of honesty, which he put into action during his campaign by going beyond legal requirements to disclose more information about his campaign finances than required, and by earning his campaign budget from voters in his district, rather than solely outside interests.

Since then, on January 6, 2021, insurrectionists physically attempted to change the results of the 2020 Presidential election, against the will of the voters, and spread misinformation about the election and the insurrection. 

One of the organizations that has promulgated misinformation about the election and insurrection is the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association (CSPOA), where Sheriff Nichols was named Sheriff of the Year in 2020. Even though the FBI has stated (on January 8, 2021 and now in sworn public record through the United States Senate Trial of February 13, 2021) that there is no evidence to support CSPOA’s misinformation, Sheriff Nichols has maintained his support for CSPOA’s statements. Sheriff Nichols has also maintained photographs of himself with self-described insurrectionists prominently posted on his Facebook page, with a laudatory caption.

Trailblazers PAC is non-partisan and does not assess candidates based on political ideologies, as voters are best served by getting honest and transparent information from the elected officials who serve them, even when they disagree. Robust and forthright debate is the foundation of our democratic republic. To earn Trailblazers PAC’s support, candidates and office-holders are asked to follow higher standards of honesty than law currently requires, with the mission of building communities around leaders that are committed to honest government.

A person who chooses to amplify an organization that is spreading falsehoods about an insurrection against an election is acting counter to the core of Trailblazers PAC’s mission. Sheriff Nichols can no longer be considered a Trailblazer.