BROOKLYN, N.Y. – In an unusual cross-partisan approach, the presenters at an upcoming “Front Porch Politics” workshop co-hosted by the Brooklyn Young Republicans will include a principal of Rural Majority, an upstate New York Democratic organization.  

Trailblazers PAC, the non-partisan clean government organization, is hosting the five-hour workshop for candidates and supporters of local-level political engagement, along with two additional nonpartisan co-hosts, American Promise and Wolf-PAC. The day will wrap up with a panel discussion including leaders of Trailblazers PAC, American Promise, Wolf-PAC, the Brooklyn Young Republicans, Rural Majority, and the Serve America Movement (SAM) party, which became a ballot-access qualified party in New York State in 2018.

“Trailblazers PAC’s workshops go beyond political party, to the fundamental right of voters to cast a ballot in contested elections at every level,” said Leslie Danks Burke, founder and president of Trailblazers PAC. “Trailblazers PAC brings people of all political persuasions together to help voters to take back their rightful role in our democratic republic and move politics out of the back room, onto the front porch.”

“Whenever one party controls politics, there’s potential for corruption, and we can counter that by getting back to basics and reconnecting with local communities,” said Joel Acevedo, President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans and a member of Trailblazers PAC’s Stakeholder Board.

“We need contested races, whether in Democratic-held cities, or rural areas where Republicans often run unopposed, because voters always deserve a choice,”  said Carolyn Riggs, principal of Rural Majority, who will present a portion of the workshop on developing a voter contact plan.

Since Trailblazers PAC launched in 2017, it has held dozens of “Front Porch Politics” workshops, challenging leaders of any party to act better than the broken money in politics system requires, and building communities that demand and expect honest government.

On top of these workshops for candidates and supporters on the nuts-and-bolts of local-level political engagement, Trailblazers PAC provides individual mentorship to candidates seeking the organization’s endorsement. To date, the organization has worked with over 260 candidates, and has endorsed 42 candidates across New York and Pennsylvania, with a win rate of 55% that is striking, considering that the organization only endorses where a candidate has an opponent. Beginning in 2019, Trailblazers PAC now considers candidates for endorsement anywhere in the country.

The “Front Porch Politics” workshop is open to the public and will be held Saturday May 4 from 11:00am to 4:00pm at the Brooklyn Public Library, Mapleton Branch, at 1702 60th St., Brooklyn, NY 11204. The $20 suggested donation covers a light lunch and materials. Members of the press are welcome and not expected to donate.