WENY’s¬†Christina Episcopo reports:

CORNING N.Y. (WENY)– Trailblazers PAC is a nonpartisan clean government organization that is using musical theater to convey the importance of voting in local elections.
Three Birds restaurant in corning hosted the group Thursday night for a unique event, featuring Tom Tranter, President of Corning Enterprises to help emphasize their goal.

“The really important message is ¬†for people to get involved in the local elections and in their communities and run for office and participate in voting and getting out the vote and make sure everyone’s voice is heard,” says Tranter

The performance had some great tunes, brought out a lot of laughs in the crowd, but in the end, their show is really meant to drive home just how critical it is to participate in local elections.

“That’s where the rubber hits the road, the people in local politics are the people who decide where your kids go to school, they decide how high your property taxes are, they decide whether a business is going to be able to start in your community…and that’s the part of government voters are closest to,” says Leslie Danks Burke, The Founder and President of Trailblazers Pack

The group does not have another event planned just yet, but they are going to stay active in their community to make sure more voters attend the poles this year. Leslie told the crowd before they left to remember the movie jaws and jaws 2. They mayor stayed the mayor in both elections because no one made the motion to get him out.

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