(Horseheads, N.Y.) – Trailblazers PAC, the nonpartisan clean government organization, has been selected as a finalist for the 2018 American Civic Collaboration Awards, or Civvys.


The national awards are sponsored by three highly respected non-partisan organizations: the Bridge Alliance, Big Tent Nation and the National Conference on Citizenship. Now in their second year, the Civvys are presented annually to “exemplar cases of high-impact civic collaboration that bring people together, engage communities in political and social action, and enact long-lasting change,” said the awards’ sponsors.

With a mission to “move politics out of the back room, onto the front porch,” Trailblazers PAC supports candidates running for office at the county level or below who take action for clean government during their campaigns. The organization, which welcomes candidates of any political party who commit to 100% campaign finance transparency, also holds popular “Front Porch Politics” workshops in far-flung locations to educate candidates, supporters, and any interested members of the public on the nuts-and-bolts of local political campaigns with officeholders who are beholden to their voters, not just outside interests.

“We’re truly honored to be recognized as a Civvys finalist,” said Leslie Danks Burke, Founder and President of Trailblazers PAC. “Through our work in one community after another, we get to help voters step back into their rightful role as the most important people in politics. It’s inspiring to hear from national leaders that our work in very local communities adds up to make a real difference.”

Trailblazers PAC and 22 other award finalists were selected from a competitive field of exceptional submissions from all corners of American life. They are recognized for emphasizing “collaboration, civility and on-the-ground impact,” said the sponsors, and the Civvys are a powerful means to honor this work and inspire more of it.

An esteemed committee of reviewers – comprised of leaders in civic engagement, politics, research and community impact – will select winners to receive their awards at the National Conference in Citizenship on October 18, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Further information is available at www.civvys.org and at www.trailblazerspac.com.