Trailblazers PAC Endorses Peter Keenan for the Chemung County Legislator, District 12

(Horseheads) – Trailblazers PAC, the nonpartisan organization working with municipal and county-level candidates across the state, today announced that it endorses Peter Keenan for Chemung County Legislator, District 12 in the Democratic Party Primary set for Thursday, September 13, 2018.

The nonpartisan, multi-state Trailblazers PAC aims to move politics out of the back room, onto the front porch. Trailblazers PAC endorses candidates of any political party (even if they are running against each other) if they take action for clean government by choosing to do better than campaign finance law requires.   

The County Legislature should be accountable to their constituents, and operate with transparency. I’m running my campaign for County Legislature the way I plan to serve once I’m elected. Since March our campaign has knocked on 1700 doors. I knock because this neighborhood is my home and all the people here are family, and I’m proud to have Trailblazers PAC’s support.said Keenan.

To earn Trailblazers PAC’s endorsement, candidates must be: running at the County level or lower; 100% transparent in disclosing their campaign finances (far beyond law requirements); funded in part by contributions from actual voters in the district or municipality they want to represent (rather than solely by outside or special interests); and committed to continued transparency in office once elected.

In addition to supporting individual candidates, Trailblazers PAC puts on popular “Front Porch Politics” workshops across New York and Pennsylvania. Over 800 candidates, supporters, and interested citizens have joined eighteen workshops since the organization launched in early 2017.

“Peter Keenan attended our February 2018 workshop in Elmira, NY, and has made honest government a cornerstone of his campaign. The building blocks for clean, honest government are grounded at the local level, and Trailblazers PAC is proud to stand with Peter,” said Leslie Danks Burke, founder and president of Trailblazers PAC.


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