Trailblazers PAC To Host First Pennsylvania Workshop of 2018 in  State College

STATE COLLEGE, P.A. – Trailblazers PAC, the clean government organization working across New York and Pennsylvania, will host its third candidate and supporter workshop of 2018 in Pennsylvania at the General Forum Room, Centre Region Council of Governments, 2643 Gateway Drive, State College, PA on April 28th.
“We are very excited to host our first workshop in State College this Saturday. Good government starts at the local level, and at a time when so many Americans are frustrated with the status quo, it’s up to every-day folks to get involved and make the changes we need. At Trailblazers PAC, we emphasize the importance of educating voters and candidates so that they can bring better government to their communities,” said Leslie Danks Burke, president and founder of Trailblazers PAC.
“While I was considering a run for office last year, I attended a Trailblazers PAC workshop and it gave me the confidence to make the decision to run, to put it simply. I learned about voter engagement and strategies to really connect with the community ahead of the election. Working with Trailblazers PAC after the training, taking part in their mentorship program, and earning their endorsement were major factors in my success on Election Day. Now serving as the Mayor of Westfield, I still work every day to be an engaged and honest leader,” said Beth Rowland, Mayor of Westfield. “I encourage all citizens who have an interest in local politics to come to the workshop on April 28th.”
This will be the third ever Trailblazers PAC workshop in Pennsylvania. In 2017, there were workshops across New York and Pennsylvania, including Wellsboro and Blossburg. Last year, Trailblazers PAC educated over 600 participants at its workshops. To register, email; the $10 entrance fee will cover lunch.