Written by Trailblazer Jimmy Pearson

Last November, I ran for Dutchess County Legislature (in the 25th District, including Amenia, Washington, and the eastern portion of Pleasant Valley.) While I didn’t end up winning that campaign, running for office is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I’m writing to encourage anyone with an interest in improving our community to consider running for local office: be it City Council, Mayor, Town or Village Board, County Legislator or School Board.

In the present political climate, there is a temptation to focus on the latest national controversy. There are always forces who want to stoke our outrage and distract us from the important discussions that are happening much closer to home. But local issues affect our day-to-day life much more than national ones. When you commute to work every day, are there buses that serve your needs? Do you have to avoid potholes and poor road conditions when driving? Do you pay for dump tickets to get rid of your trash every week? Are those funds being spent responsibly? All of these issues are determined at the local level and they’re all important.

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