Trailblazers PAC-backed Dan Keating Wins Race for Pittsford Village Board of Trustees

HORSEHEADS, N.Y. – Dan Keating, endorsed by the non-partisan, honest government organization Trailblazers PAC, won a seat on the Pittsford Village Board of Trustees on Tuesday.

“We are very proud to have endorsed Dan and are thrilled for his victory. This is a major step for honest government at the local level and we are excited to see Dan make important, necessary changes to make government more accountable and accessible to voters. Politics belong on the front porch and Dan will be a fighter for honest government in the Village of Pittsford,” said Leslie Danks Burke, president and founder of Trailblazers PAC.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Pittsford Village Board of Trustees and I am ready to bring transparency with me to office. I really appreciate Trailblazers PAC and their support of my campaign. It is empowering to know that there are others out there committed to honest government. I am eager to get to work,” said Keating.

This was the first endorsement and first win of 2018 for Trailblazers PAC. In 2017, the organization worked with candidates running for office at the county level and below across New York and Pennsylvania. Trailblazers PAC endorsed 24 candidates with nearly 60% winning.