Trailblazers PAC Issues Call to Local Office Candidates to Apply for 2018 Endorsement

(Horseheads, N.Y.) – Trailblazers PAC, the nonpartisan honest government organization, looks to begin its involvement in 2018 elections by endorsing candidates running in New York’s March village elections. Last year, Trailblazers PAC endorsed 24 candidates running across five different party lines for local office in New York and Pennsylvania.
In order to qualify for Trailblazers PAC’s endorsement, candidates must:
  • Request an endorsement questionnaire through this link:
  • Run in a contested race for office at the county-level or below,
  • Fundraise using an independent campaign finance committee solely in support of their candidacy with at least a portion of funds raised from donors inside their district,
  • Disclose 100% of all campaign contributions and expenditures, and
  • Commit to standing up for clean government once elected to office.
“At Trailblazers PAC, we’re working to change the way politics is done by building more contested races, helping candidates connect with actual voters in their districts, and asking incumbents to prove themselves to voters every time they’re up for election,” said Leslie Danks Burke, president and founder of Trailblazers PAC.
“As a first time candidate, the support of Trailblazers PAC made a tremendous difference in my campaign, how I worked with the community, and raised money. From the trainings to the mentorship program, Trailblazers PAC brought insight and experience that was very helpful throughout my campaign. And it really made a difference on Election Day,” said Stephanie Townsend, who was elected to the Pittsford Town Board in November. 
Along with its candidate mentorship and endorsement program, Trailblazers PAC also hosts candidate and supporter trainings and information sessions that had over 600 attendees in 2017. To find more information on upcoming plans in 2018, follow Trailblazers PAC on Facebook and Twitter, or visit their website