Trailblazers PAC Hosts First Candidate and Supporter Workshop of 2018 in Elmira

ELMIRA, N.Y. – Trailblazers PAC, the clean government organization working across New York and Pennsylvania, hosted its first candidate and supporter workshop of 2018 at the IBEW Hall in Elmira, New York on February 3rd.
“In 2017, our Trailblazers proved that Front Porch Politics raises voter turnout and makes candidates more powerful. With folks across the political spectrum stepping up to local politics, it’s time to make voters the loudest voices in the room again. Our workshops teach the nuts and bolts of campaigns, and how local races are the front line in the battle for clean government.” said Leslie Danks Burke, President and Founder of Trailblazers PAC.
Last year, the organization educated over 600 workshop participants. With its mission for clean government, Trailblazers PAC focuses on educating, mentoring, and investing in candidates for local office in New York and Pennsylvania who pledge transparency during their campaigns and once elected to office.
Anyone, of any party, whether they’re running for local or higher office, or even if they are not a candidate but interested in learning or supporting others, may attend Trailblazers PAC’s workshops. The nonpartisan Trailblazers PAC believes in educating candidates and the communities around them.
“We had a great group in Elmira. Real change happens locally, and we were proud to get to know so many people who are ready to get to work in their communities,” concluded Danks Burke.