Trailblazers PAC changes the game by moving politics out of the back room onto the front porch. We educate and invest in county and municipal-level candidates who aren’t waiting for legislators to fix the money in politics problem. No matter what political party they come from, Trailblazer candidates make themselves accountable to voters right now. They aren’t just honest. They’re stronger candidates, winning races all over. When Trailblazers take real action for clean government during their campaigns, we know they’re accountable to continue this in elected office, too. Voters take back their rightful role in our democratic republic when we know who funds our officeholders. We’re driving honesty up the ladder in one community after another. – LESLIE DANKS BURKE



Our Front Porch Politics workshops educate candidates, supporters, and anyone interested in the nuts-and-bolts of running a local campaign at a high standard.

We also tailor workshops to particular audiences on request, such as our April 2018 workshop at the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN (AAUW) New York State Convention, and our August 2018 workshop through the Cornell COOPERATIVE EXTENSION Natural Leaders Initiative.

New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli kicked off our May 2018 Brooklyn, NY workshop. As Comptroller since 2007, he has uncovered corruption in state and local governments, leading to dozens of arrests and tens of millions in restitution.



Three times over 2018, a group of actors and musicians performed the original production, “FRONT PORCH POLITICS: A MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT” as their creative means of civic participation with us. The show humorously tells the tale of local campaigns through parody lyrics to Broadway showtunes. Through shows in Corning, Geneva, and Ithaca, Trailblazers PAC engaged hundreds outside the traditional local-level politics bubble.

Trailblazers PAC also joined large and small conferences with like-minded organizations, such as the AMERICAN PROMISE NATIONAL CITIZENS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE in June 2018, and a December 2018 panel alongside anti-corruption advocates from Mexico and the Czech Republic sponsored by the SUNLIGHT FOUNDATION, TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL, and GLOBAL INTEGRITY. MENTORSHIP PIPELINE MENTORSHIP We worked with 260 candidates through our mentorship program. Each candidate receives a one-on-one mentor, and we proudly work with each candidate in our program even if they choose not to opt into following higher standards than law requires this time. On top of getting a MENTOR, candidates get to share ideas and experiences with each other across the miles through regular PEER-TO-PEER candidate conference calls. Mentorship wraps up each year with a December RETREAT to which all endorsed Trailblazers of any year are invited. ENDORSEMENT

Endorsed Trailblazer Stephanie Townsend talks with voters during her successful 2017 race for Pittsford (Monroe County, NY) Town Board.


Our endorsement comes with matching funds that double the power of voter voices. When a candidate earns LITERAL BUY-IN FROM VOTERS, we match those voter investments. To be a Trailblazer, candidates must openly publish EVERY CENT IN AND OUT of their campaigns, far beyond legal requirements, and have a campaign committee that is separate from other candidates or political party organizations.




Trailblazer Kevin Beckford, elected to the Pittsford Town Board, pays it forward by educating other leaders on the nuts and bolts of running for local office. Click here to watch a WETM 18 News story with testimonials on our workshops.

“Currently, I’m not in politics, so this is my first run. My run is based on the average person feeling empowered to run.”


“Trailblazers PAC has shown me that politics is and can be accessible to the average citizen.”


“Anything I can do to help enhance the campaign. That’s why I am here.”



“It was really amazing to have Trailblazers PAC, sitting in their office with all their institutional knowledge, come back to me, a first time candidate, and say here are the options and here are the upsides of each. I think the work you do to help us be better candidates, whether we win or lose, made a huge difference in my county.”

– Leslie Berliant

Rachel Barbour, Trailblazers PAC Executive Committee Vice Chair, and mentor to Leslie Berliant, 2017 Endorsed Trailblazer and candidate for Otsego County Board of Representatives, meet in person for the first time at our 2nd Annual Endorsed Candidate Retreat after months of tele-mentoring.

“While I’m a scientist by training, which makes me good at problem-solving, I had no background in politics. As a political novice, I needed help learning about the campaign process and Trailblazers PAC’s candidate workshops and conference calls helped me learn alongside other people running for county-level office. Even though I didn’t get all the way to endorsement in this race, I look forward to putting those mentorship lessons into practice again in other ways.”

– Christa Heyward (third from left), Pine City, NY, Trailblazers Mentorship Participant and 2018 Candidate for Chemung County Legislature

“I have found a shared purpose with Trailblazers. Taking politics out of the smoke-filled rooms, and hauling it out into the daylight on the front porch – that’s what it’s all about for me.”

– Dan Livingston

Comeback Candidate Dan Livingston joined our 2017 Mentorship pipeline during his run for Broome County Clerk. While unsuccessful the first time, Dan did not give up. We were proud he became an endorsed Trailblazer in his successful 2018 run for Binghamton City Council, sworn into office here by the Hon. Elizabeth Garry, Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division 3rd Department Court.”


In 2018,


our rate of endorsed candidates per 1,000 races.

Pictured left-to-right: Endorsed Trailblazers Hal McCabe (2017, elected Mayor of Homer, NY), Anne Koreman (2017, elected Tompkins County Legislator from Trumansburg, NY) and Maura Kennedy-Smith (2018, elected Town Justice in Lansing, NY).


Our candidates aren’t waiting around for campaign finance reform — they’re acting for clean government right now.

2018 Trailblazers Julie Domaratz (center) and Matt Brown (not pictured) POINTED TO OUTSIDE MONEY ENTERING LOCAL RACES, noting that large contributions (for small races) were flowing from Verizon to local-office candidates who would have the power to determine zoning decisions surrounding a proposed cell tower. As Trailblazers, Julie and Matt fully disclosed all their own campaign finances, and called on others to do the same. Voters in the Village of Fairport, NY elected Julie as Mayor and Matt as Village Trustee.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RmB70YfWPwhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEwNzb76s_E Two short samples of many news stories, click here for more!



HAL MCCABE Even Hal’s own party didn’t want him to run against the sitting incumbent of the other party, because the incumbent he took on was the wife of the largest employer in the county.  Before reaching out to us, Hal was already great at campaigning door-to-door, but he was not fundraising locally, and momentum had stalled. Hal partially credits his win to our mentorship around getting his voters “literally invested” in his campaign, and to disclosure that opened up conversation in the village. We can see a clear line from Hal’s victory, to energy that began challenging backroom  political deals across the county, and in 2018, that helped unseat the incumbent corporate-sponsored Congresswoman. Today, with Hal in charge, the village now holds exceptionally well-attended video meetings. MAURA-KENNEDY SMITH As a candidate for judge, heightened campaign finance rules applied for Maura. Under New York state law, a judicial candidate cannot personally solicit or accept campaign contributions or funds, nor can she have any knowledge of who will contribute, or has contributed, to her campaign. Even though she was already subject to extra requirements, Maura didn’t stop there, but went a step further to instruct her campaign team to follow Trailblazers PAC’s higher standards. Maura looped her volunteers into our mentorship pipeline so that they could be as informed as other candidates are about running a campaign that stands for clean government, and we were proud to endorse Maura’s successful race for Town Justice. MARK MARGESON Mark won his Republican primary against the incumbent, and then faced the same opponent again in the General Election because the opponent held a third-party ballot line. We were excited to meet Mark, because he is one of the only candidates we have encountered who decided to 100% disclose his campaign finances — following a higher standard than law requires — even before he met Trailblazers PAC. Yet Mark had not yet thought about our second tool — powering his campaign through voter- centric donations — and he credits his success in reaching the larger General Election population to running as a Trailblazer. Mark believes backroom deals have exacerbated poverty in his county, and intends to open up government now that he won a legislative seat. Listen here for the story of three more Trailblazers:


Trailblazers PAC launched across New York with candidates in nearly 25% of the state’s counties.

We’ve moved into Pennsylvania.

And in 2019, we’re going national.


MORE IN 2019

On top of Trailblazers PAC expanding the races we invest in, our past candidates keep changing the game after Election Day. Voters often don’t know if a candidate will make good on campaign promises. But Trailblazer candidates have to take real action for clean government during their campaigns, so we know they’re accountable to continue this in elected office, too. We invested in Kris Munn’s 2017 County Legislator campaign because he demonstrated action on clean government during his race. During his past year in office, he has twice introduced bills that would let his constituents see minutes of County Legislature committees. Even though longtime legislators haven’t been willing to pass it — yet — Kris isn’t giving up on getting transparency for voters.



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It costs Trailblazers PAC about $6000 per candidate that we endorse.

Our typical contribution to a candidate is $1000. It’s rare in politics for numbers that low to have such an exponential impact.

Trailblazers are a game-changing investment: your donation helps candidates who do the hard work earn support from their own voters.

Together, we’re making voters the loudest voices in the room.




Staff $52,113.34
Database $9,074.26
Workshops $10,189.04
Digital Materials and Communications $15,640.70
Printing, Supplies, and Postage $7,388.97
Special Projects $2,146.97
Donor expenditures to support education (travel, food) $23,715.03
Budget to support Education $87,925.05
SUBTOTAL $208,193.36
Direct Campaign Contributions $32,297.89
Budget to support candidate identification, mentoring, and investment $23,612.15
SUBTOTAL $55,910.04


Leslie Danks Burke, Founder and President Patrick Tepesch, Treasurer Joel Acevedo Ethan Ash Rachel Barbour, Executive Committee Vice Chair Derek Caramella Jordi Comas Ed Fairbrother, Executive Committee Valerie Gardner Richard Hanna Linda Hoffman Amory Houghton III Lindsey Johnson, Development Director Denise King, Executive Committee Chair Tina Lang Sean Lukasik Joshua G. Marshall, Outreach Director Jo Beth Mertens Joseph Messmer Stephanie Miner Susanna Parker Jimmy Pearson Anthony J. Pucci, Executive Committee Georgia A. Reynolds, Executive Committee Liaison to the Stakeholder Board Richard Shafer Laurie Sherman Stephanie Townsend Lindsay Ullman Jim Webb


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