Trailblazers PAC Sees Increase in Voter Turnout in Areas with Endorsed Candidates

Voter turnout was higher in areas with Trailblazers PAC-backed candidates, Trailblazers PAC found in their post-Election Day research across New York State and Pennsylvania.

In the 2017 election cycle, Trailblazers PAC, the non-partisan organization geared towards more clean government, endorsed 24 candidates running for office in contested races across New York State and Pennsylvania. In examining this year’s results, Trailblazers PAC found that the elections with Trailblazers PAC candidates scaled up 2017 voter turnout by 14%, totaling approximately 346 more voters per district. Further, 10 of the 24 endorsed candidates were running in an election that had no contest in 2015.

“Trailblazers PAC is thrilled by the increase in voter participation, but our work is far from over. Our democracy works best when all citizens make their voices heard and they have a real choice on election day. At Trailblazers PAC, we believe in ‘Front Porch Politics,’ that local leaders must work with the communities they serve to make government more accessible to citizens. Trailblazers PAC is committed to working with voters and candidates to encourage everyone to get involved in our democratic process,” said Trailblazers PAC founder and President Leslie Danks Burke.

Since its inception following the 2016 Election, Trailblazers PAC has worked with candidates across New York and Pennsylvania who pledge to support more honest government. 58% of Trailblazers PAC’s 24 endorsed candidates were successful and, in total, 57 candidates participated in the organization’s one-on-one mentorship and funding pipeline. In addition to directly supporting candidates, Trailblazers PAC has provided workshops and information sessions across New York State and Pennsylvania for over 600 attendees.