22 Candidates for Local Office Endorsed by Trailblazers PAC in Tuesday, November 7 General Election Races

Across New York State and Pennsylvania, 22 candidates running for office at the county level or below have earned the endorsement of the nonpartisan Trailblazers PAC, by meeting campaign finance standards that are higher than state law requires.

“Change starts at the local level. We’re proud to endorse and invest in these Trailblazers who are standing up to move politics out of the back room, onto the front porch,” said Leslie Danks Burke, founder and President of Trailblazers PAC, which has gained national attention for its innovative model since launching earlier this year.

Trailblazers PAC released research in September that showed as few as 3% of a district’s residents choose representation for the other 97%.

“Voters have power to fix the disconnect between citizens and democracy,” said Danks Burke. “Elected officials know who votes and who doesn’t, which is why voting is the most important single action any citizen can do to make government listen. Trailblazers PAC reconnects voters with the officials who serve them by investing in candidates who step up for clean government during their campaigns, and after they’re elected.”

The following 24 candidates have earned Trailblazers PAC’s endorsement in 2017 by fully disclosing their campaign finances, raising in-district support, and pledging to work toward cleaner government once elected:

  • Doug Avery (Seneca Falls, NY Town Board)
  • Kevin Beckford (Pittsford, NY Town Board)
  • Leslie Berliant (Otsego County Legislature, Cooperstown, NY)
  • Bill Braine (Cornwall, NY Town Board)
  • Valerie Brechko (Yates County Legislature, Milo, NY)
  • Amanda Champion (Tompkins County Legislature, Ithaca, NY)
  • Terrance Cuddy (Auburn, NY City Council)
  • Nicole Dillingham (Otsego County Legislature, Springfield, NY)
  • Michele Farwell (Otsego County Legislature, Pittsfield, NY)
  • Helen Grosso (Dutchess County Legislature, Beekman, NY)
  • Anne Koreman (Tompkins County Legislature, Ithaca, NY)
  • Michael Koplinka-Loehr (Tompkins County Legislature, Lansing, NY)
  • Howard Maffucci (Monroe County Legislature, Pittsford, NY)
  • Adrienne Martini (Otsego County Legislature, Oneonta, NY)
  • Hal McCabe (Homer, NY Mayor – Elected in March 2017)
  • Debby McCormick (Auburn, NY City Council)
  • Marjorie Miller (Orange County Board of Supervisors, Middletown, NY)
  • Kristofer Munn (Dutchess County Legislature, Red Hook, NY)
  • Jimmy Pearson (Dutchess County Legislature, Pleasant Valley, NY)
  • Molly Reilly (Sackets Harbor, NY Mayor)
  • Beth Rowland (Westfield, PA Mayor)
  • Stephanie Townsend (Pittsford, NY Town Board)
  • Faith Tyler (Groton, NY Mayor – Ran in March 2017)
  • Rachel Weil (Seneca County Board of Supervisors, Seneca Falls, NY)

In 2017, over 600 people have attended Trailblazers PAC workshops and information sessions for candidates and supporters across New York State and Pennsylvania. Trailblazers PAC’s motto is “Front Porch Politics.”