Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D) and Former Congressman Richard Hanna (R) To Hold “Front Porch Politics” Conversation

At a deeply polarized time in politics, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D, Rochester) and former Congressman Richard Hanna (R, Utica) will join together to highlight the importance of voter engagement with their town, city, county, and other local elected representatives.

The “Front Porch Politics” conversation will be hosted on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 by Trailblazers PAC, the nonpartisan group that educates and funds candidates for local office across New York State and Pennsylvania, who take clear action toward clean government.

“Polarizing partisanship pushes voters to the sidelines while outside interests buy up the attention,” said Trailblazers PAC founder and president Leslie Danks Burke, who will moderate the conversation.  “It’s time to move politics out of the back room and onto the front porch by making voter voices the most important in every election.”

“Reconnecting voters with democracy starts with the local officials who set our property taxes, decide funding for our kids’ schools, and affect most of our lives every day,” said Danks Burke. “We are very grateful that Congresswoman Slaughter and former Congressman Hanna will join Trailblazers PAC to speak from their national perspective about how building common ground on the issues that matter, starts with local involvement.”

The cocktail reception and bipartisan conversation will begin at 5:00PM at the Strathallan Ballroom in Rochester, NY. The ticket price of $100 goes toward supporting candidates running in this year’s November 7, 2017 election, and tickets may be purchased online at

Over 600 people in the past nine months have attended Trailblazers PAC’s workshops across New York State and Pennsylvania on local political action. The map below shows the locations of past events (green), endorsed candidates (yellow), and Trailblazers PAC’s Office (orange).