Trailblazers PAC Posts Strong Numbers in First Financial Filing

Trailblazers PAC, has released its first financial filing report. Uncharacteristic of most PACs, the organization supports only candidates for local office, making its strong initial fundraising for the first half of the year even more remarkable.

Trailblazers PAC requires more transparency from its endorsed candidates than current campaign finance law does. To receive Trailblazers PAC’s endorsement, a candidate must agree to 100% transparency in reporting of campaign finances. Current New York State law has no requirement to itemize expenses under $50 and contributions under $100, meaning significant amounts of money are given to – and spent by – candidates and elected officials with no public information about the donors or recipients.

“Honest government matters. Voters are fed up with backroom deals and hidden money,” said Leslie Danks Burke. “Every candidate and elected official should tell the voters who is giving them money, and how they are spending it. I’ve done it, and we’re going to keep doing better than the law requires, because we believe in leading by example.”

Trailblazers PAC’s own filing discloses every single donor and recipient of funds, no matter what the amount, and is available online at the State Board of Elections website (

Trailblazers PAC has raised $75,869.56, from 269 different donors, with over 82% of the contributions at $100 or less. “This great start means that voters across New York and Pennsylvania are embracing our Front Porch Politics, where voters matter most and get the information they deserve about the people running to represent them,” said Danks Burke.