Trailblazers PAC revolutionizes politics by challenging leaders of any party to act better than our broken money-in-politics system. Across the country, we build communities that demand and expect honest government. Trailblazers give voters the power to take back their rightful role in our democratic republic by moving politics out of the back room and onto the front porch.

I am a diehard Republican — I believe in the two-party system. It is with this in mind that I support Trailblazers PAC. More of us should try to pull ourselves out of the political paralysis in which we now find ourselves. One party can’t do it all. That’s not our tradition!

Amo Houghton
US Congressman from New York (1987 – 2005)

Where we work

We find and fund local-level candidates, anywhere in the country, of any party who stand up for honest government.

Local officeholders have the closest connection to our communities, and Trailblazers PAC helps reconnect voters with democracy by supporting candidates who stand up for honest government.

Louise Slaughter
Monroe County Legislator (1976-82), Member of the New York State Assembly (1983-1986), and Congresswoman from New York (1987-2018)

Advisory Committee

Leslie Danks Burke

Trailblazers PAC Founder & President | Lawyer and Public Advocate

Patrick Tepesch

Trailblazers PAC Treasurer | Scientist at Corning, Inc.

Joel Acevedo

Founder of Sunset Park Republicans | President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans Club

Harry H. BrookstEIn

Vice President, Ogilvy

Jordi Comas

Community and Political Organizer

Konstance Englesman

Community and Political Organizer


Schuyler Count Assistant Public Defender

Linda Hoffman

Trailblazers PAC Executive Board | Former Vice President for External Affairs at Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes

Amory Houghton III

Principal at Nonprofit Advisory Associates | Senior Strategic Planner, the Port Authority of NY & NJ

Lindsey Johnson

Trailblazers PAC Executive Board

Sean Lukasik

Partner at Creagent Marketing

Tina Lang

Political Activist

John Pudner

Executive Director, Take Back our Republic

Anthony J. Pucci

Trailblazers PAC Executive Board | 2018 Endorsed Trailblazer and Retired Educator

Jane Quattrocchi

Trailblazers PAC Executive Board | Retired Attorney

Laurie Sherman

Policy advisor for Coalition for Integrity

Lesli Sagan

Owner, Avital's Apiaries

Lindsay Ullman

Principal at Sidewalk Labs

James Webb

Corning-Painted Post Board of Education

Alli Woodard

Account Executive, DCG Communications

Trailblazers PAC fills a needed gap by focusing on local officeholders, who affect each American’s day-to-day life. By asking local representatives to commit to honest government, Trailblazers PAC helps reconnect citizens with democracy from the ground up.

Svante Myrick
Ithaca City Councilman (2008-11), Mayor of Ithaca, NY (2011-present), and National Director of The Young Elected Officials Network, a nonpartisan program of People For the American Way Foundation