Trailblazers PAC in the News

NPR Around the Nation: Rural Democrats Try To Make Inroads In Republican Strongholds
Rural Democrats are trying to figure out how to make their party relevant to voters who don’t live in cities.
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Spectrum News: Finding common ground despite divisive rhetoric in Washington
Political divisions seem to be growing bigger by the day, but some politicians in New York insist that people of
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Ithaca Journal: Teens get political guidance from local leaders
Finding common ground among parties and working toward bipartisan solutions were among the reoccurring themes as local politicians spoke to
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WETM: Leslie Danks Burke Helps Launch New “Trailblazers PAC”
HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (18 NEWS) – Leslie Danks Burke is launching a group dedicated to supporting candidates for local office who are committed
Read more. Leslie Danks-Burke launches PAC to spur new, populist movement
In mid-December at a table in the downtown Collegetown Bagels, Leslie Danks-Burke – a local attorney and onetime state senate
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Ithaca Voice: Democrat Leslie Danks Burke launches Trailblazers PAC to keep politicians accountable
HORSEHEADS, N.Y. – In the face of the 2016 election cycle where populist voters on the left and the right
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Finger Lakes Times: WRITE ON: And who is ‘the government’?
Not many people would connect the dots between former President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 inaugural remarks and a new political action
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Rachel Weil Headshot
Finger Lakes Times: Weil endorsed by Trailblazers PAC
Rachel Weil, candidate for a county supervisor seat from the town of Seneca Falls, has been endorsed by the Trailblazers
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The Harlem Valley News: Trailblazers PAC Endorses Jimmy Pearson for Dutchess County Legislature
(Horseheads) – Trailblazers PAC, the non-partisan pro-transparency organization founded by former State Senate candidate Leslie Danks Burke, today announced the
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