Trailblazers PAC in the News “Trailblazers PAC calls on Reclaim NY to release finances”
Former New York State Senate candidate and Ithaca resident Leslie Danks Burke’s clean government organization, Trailblazers PAC, has called on
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Ithaca Journal: “Your Turn: Consider running for local office”
Presidents Day honors George Washington, the father of our country, and Abraham Lincoln, the great emancipator. These men share something
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WRHU-FM’s A League of Our Own
Listen here as Trailblazers PAC President and Founder, Leslie Danks Burke, discusses Trailblazers PAC and women in politics with Emily
Read more. “Workshop to learn about local politics”
The Trailblazers PAC held a workshop in Elmira Saturday for those who want to learn the ins and outs of
Read more. “Eye on NY: PAC brings ‘front porch politics’ to NY, PA local elections”
It is not uncommon to see a candidate who ran an unsuccessful campaign for elective office form a political action
Read more. The General Election is Coming: Will Tompkins County Residents Show Up To Vote?
At first glance, Tompkins County seems fired up. The election of Donald Trump galvanized a new political verve here. Every
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WCNY Capital Pressroom: September 29, 2017 – Leslie Danks Burke
In this month’s GOP primary for Rensselaer County Executive, just over 1.5% of the county’s population voted for the winner,
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Kevin Beckford Headshot
The Messenger Post: Trailblazers PAC endorses Kevin Beckford for Pittsford Town Board
Trailblazers PAC, the non-partisan pro-transparency organization founded by former State Senate candidate Leslie Danks Burke, announced the endorsement of Kevin
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NPR Around the Nation: Rural Democrats Try To Make Inroads In Republican Strongholds
Rural Democrats are trying to figure out how to make their party relevant to voters who don’t live in cities.
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Spectrum News: Finding common ground despite divisive rhetoric in Washington
Political divisions seem to be growing bigger by the day, but some politicians in New York insist that people of
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