Leslie Danks Burke

Trailblazers PAC Founder and President
Lawyer and Public Advocate

Patrick Tepesch

Trailblazers PAC Treasurer
Scientist at Corning, Inc.

Ethan Ash

Founder and Consultant to Start-Up Organizations

Rachel Barbour

Trailblazers PAC Operating Group
Former Conflict Resolution Practitioner 

Betty Cotton

Member of the American Jewish Committee National Board of Governors

Richard Hanna

Former Republican US Congressman in Utica, NY

Linda Hoffman

Former Vice President for External Affairs at Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes

Amory Houghton III


Lindsey Johnson

Trailblazers PAC Operating Group and Consultant

Denise King

Trailblazers PAC Operating Group
Former Chair of the DNC Rural Council

Sean Lukasik

Partner at Creagent Marketing

Joseph Messmer

Trailblazers PAC Operating Group and Consultant

Steven Miller

Former Public Affairs Services Officer for the Alleghany National Forest (USDA Forest Service) in Warren, PA

Georgia A. Reynolds

Former Trustee, Past President of Chemung County Library District 

Richard Shafer

Principal at Organizational Agility Associates

Ann Sullivan

Former Librarian at Tompkins Cortland Community College

Lindsay Ullman

Principal at Sidewalk Labs