The Trailblazers Mission

Trailblazers PAC reconnects citizens with democracy by training candidates at the county level and below to develop a grassroots base of financial support within their communities, and by investing in candidates who demonstrably work toward more honest government.

The 2016 elections were a wakeup call to politics as usual. People voted who hadn’t voted in years. Record numbers of small-dollar donors came out on the left and the right. Anger at corruption and corporate control of government spilled over.

Since the election, citizens are even more engaged, with rallies and action campaigns focused at eliminating the systemic disconnect between everyday citizens and the elected officials who are supposed to serve us. In the face of this unprecedented dynamic, Leslie Danks Burke is launching Trailblazers PAC, a populist grassroots effort designed to channel this energy into local electoral action.

Our Trailblazer candidates will be a new brand of civically-engaged officeholders at the local level, who give our government back to the people who pay for it.